The Glasgow Coma Scale nominated for Not the Booker Prize

Some Not the Booker contenders

Every year since 2012, The Guardian newspaper has run a blog series/competition called the Not the Booker Prize, in parallel to the actual Man Booker prize (the longlist for which was announced last week). Unlike the real Booker, this prize includes a public vote: first, nominations are sought, then from the lengthy longlist thus assembled — 99 books this year — six are picked to progress to the next round, to be read by hapless Sam Jordison, who is in charge of the thing.

The Glasgow Coma Scale has been nominated (hurrah!), and so joins those other 98 titles; and I, therefore, join 98 other authors who will spend the next few days encouraging, cajoling, bullying and offering imaginary bribes to voters to try and get enough votes to proceed to the next round.

What you need to do — I stress the word need; there’s a mug on offer as a prize, you know: The Guardian is asking voters to pick two books from the longlist and write a 100-word review of each. So, merely write a hundred words or so on The Glasgow Coma Scale, plus one other, post them on the Guardian thread with the word ‘vote’ in your post, and all will be well.

I will point out here that GCS is, at a little over 200 pages long, among the shorter books on that list, and since voting closes at midnight on Sunday, there’s ample time to read it before then: how about buying it half-price here?

I will also point out that I drink a lot of tea, and a new mug would be actually quite useful.

Incidentally, the above illustration — which I spent time putting together in Photoshop when I should have been doing actual work — represents the only other NtB-longlisted books I’ve read, all of which are excellent.

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