The Glasgow Coma Scale

The Glasgow Coma Scale

The Glasgow Coma Scale is my first novel. It’s published in the UK by Corsair in July 2014. Here’s the synopsis, from Corsair’s website:

Set in Glasgow, this is a bitter-sweet story about two very different people trying to survive very different kinds of crises. Funny, sad and tender, The Glasgow Coma Scale is a richly layered novel about art and economics, friendship and isolation; about how much reality we can bear and survive; about the wafer-thin line that we sense separates us all from imminent disaster: it announces a major new literary talent.

Lynne is a young woman who once dreamed of being an artist, but whose promotion to supervisor at an insurance call centre in Glasgow is sucking the soul out of her.

When Lynne hands a fiver to a homeless man on the street in town one day, she is shocked to recognise Angus – her former art teacher on whom she once had a crush. What on earth could have reduced him to life on the street? In a gesture of uncharacteristic rashness, she invites him home.

So begins The Glasgow Coma Scale. Set against the gentrification of Scotland’s second city, this is a taut, ticklish, tender and truly unexpected story of art, of the city, of feelings, and about the redemptive power of an unconventional kind of love.

I’ll be posting more in the run-up to publication. Stay tuned…

I’ve also set up a Tumblr for the book,, where I’ll post images that helped influence and inspire the book — starting with Jon Gray‘s terrific cover as seen above.

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